Crystal Clear and Cold || Seth&Gwenog

Being back meant one thing: more time on the Quidditch pitch for herself to practice and train for the upcoming future of hers. Playing for the Holyhead Harpies was a privilege and honor, it wasn’t to be taken lightly. Today was meant to be for training Isabella and Cassandra as new members on the team, but she soon found out that Slytherin had the pitch booked for the entire day. Irritated with a deep inbred passion, she took to the stands with her broom and a stack of Quidditch novels. Plopping herself down, she began to read over old strategies and unique moves players had developed through the ages, trying to ease her mind of the irritation thay kept brewing. Before she could become fully engrossed into the text and forget her animosity, she heard someone fly up in front of her. Half expecting to be told off for spying, she looked up with a snarky smile and prepared herself to tell off Amycus who happened to captain her opposing team. 

However, she was greeted with a much cockier face that wore a friendly enough smile. Seth hovered in front of her, clearly awaiting practice or perhaps just there to bug everyone with his lame jokes. “Hey Seth, you were not what I was expecting.” Gwenog said with a grin as she closed her book and set it off to the side. “I don’t even see why you people bother with trying, I could defeat each and everyone of you with my eyes closed.” A small wink played on her eye as she folded her hands together and stood up. Walking towards him, she batted her lashes and shrugged. “I guess you could try to convince me to take it easy on you, but I doubt you would be successful.” Gwenog swayed side to side playfully, beginning to laugh because she could never keep up the facade for long.